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See how can help you save money is helping over 150+ Project Managers execute projects seamlessly and efficiently.


  • Spot Project Overruns Early On      Gain insights on your daily arrivals of materials and departures of dump trucks to understand how it affect your project progress

  • Ensure Accurate Billing                    Receive alerts & reports when RMC, flatbed or any other types of truck carrying materials arrive on site 

  • Raise Compliance                     Replace manual ticketing with precise digital reports containing time-stamped pictures of trucks arriving and departing your site

Labor & equipment INSIGHTS

  • View Labor Deployment                  Get visibility of daily on-site labor activities and how it impacts progress

  • Minimize Equipment Idle Time          Get alerts when heavy equipment stopped production and use video data to understand why production stopped

  • Understand Weather Impacts          Understand the impact of weather on labor and equipment productivity


  • Review Progress Time-lapse           View the completion of one week's worth work in 2 minutes providing a quick glimpse of progress

  • Mitigate Professional Liability and Lower Insurance                            Secure storage of construction footage by the seconds in case of accident or future claims

  • Decrease Travel Expenses          Make decisions and monitor progress by looking at live camera feeds instead of traveling to site locations


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