AI-powered Construction Performance Monitoring for Developers and Owners

Stay on schedule with your construction projects and identify risks early with real time interactive dashboards based on construction intelligence

Identify Schedule Risks Early

  • Prevent surprises by tracking progress in real time via interactive dashboards
  • Keep all stakeholders, from owners and lenders to marketing and sales teams, up to date on project status
  • Proactively get notified about potential risks to the schedule, flagged by automated cycle time analysis
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Improve safety and reduce liability issues by gaining real time visibility with's construction safety platform

Gain Real-time Visibility and Transparency

  • Improve safety and compliance to reduce liability issues
  • Identify opportunities to increase efficiency
  • Collaborate more effectively with general contractors
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Use's construction analytics platform to receive daily reports and analytics on your construction project

Validate and Audit All Claims

  • Receive daily and automated analytics and reports
  • Ensure all stakeholders are aware of and approve new claims and change orders
  • Check claims in minutes rather than hours
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Make data-driven decisions for your construction project using the insights from's construction performance monitoring platform

Make Data-driven Decisions

  • Track the real-time pulse of your construction site
  • Access weekly, daily, and real-time site analytics 24/7
  • Know everything that happens at the job site without being there
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Transparency and Visibility way

Make faster and more informed data-driven decisions, stay on top of your project, keep all stakeholders informed, as well as reduce surprises, delays, cost overruns and claims.