AI-powered Construction Performance Monitoring for Developers and Owners


Identify Schedule Risks Early

  • Prevent surprises by tracking progress in real time via interactive dashboards
  • Keep all stakeholders, from owners and lenders to marketing and sales teams, up to date on project status
  • Proactively get notified about potential risks to the schedule, flagged by automated cycle time analysis
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Gain Real-time Visibility and Transparency

  • Improve safety and compliance to reduce liability issues
  • Identify opportunities to increase efficiency
  • Collaborate more effectively with general contractors
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Validate and Audit All Claims

  • Receive daily and automated analytics and reports
  • Ensure all stakeholders are aware of and approve new claims and change orders
  • Check claims in minutes rather than hours
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Make Data-driven Decisions

  • Track the real-time pulse of your construction site
  • Access weekly, daily, and real-time site analytics 24/7
  • Know everything that happens at the job site without being there
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Transparency and Visibility way

Make faster and more informed data-driven decisions, stay on top of your project, keep all stakeholders informed, as well as reduce surprises, delays, cost overruns and claims.