Construction Intelligence


AI and Computer Vision in Construction Sites

Every day, INDUS.AI monitors over 83 million square feet of construction sites with our AI engine detecting both anomalies and progress.

These videos show how INDUS.AI captures, interprets, and analyzes video streams and time-lapse images and turns them into actionable insights.

Understand unit production rate for each trade at your construction site using INDUS.AIUnderstand the unit production rate for each trade and compare it to your planned assumptions and what was promised.

Track you construction progress and make sure it is on schedule using INDUS.AI    Track how fast your building is moving up and predict whether the construction is on schedule.

Monitor hoist productivity using INDUS.AI  Monitor Hoist productivity o better understand indoor materials and people bottlenecks.

Construction site workforce analytics for contractor and subcontractor coordination using INDUS.AI     Labor analysis for contractor and subcontractor coordination. Get ahead of resource loading and timesheets.

Track progress against your BIM using INDUS.AI    Track progress against your BIM.

Ensure worker safety and compliance using INDUS.AIEnsure that your site and workers are compliant with all safety standards.

Track and analyze equipment usage for higher efficiency with INDUS.AI    Track equipment uptime to better manage schedule dependencies.

Track and automatically collect construction data on material using INDUS.AI     Track material arrival and departure insights for project cost controls.

Clear visibility in prefab quality and production using INDUS.AI     Gain clear visibility into the quality and production rate of Prefab products to meet customers’ expectations.