AI-powered Construction Progress & Performance Tracking (Remotely)


Identify Schedule Risks Early

  • Prevent surprises by tracking top floor cycle time via interactive dashboards
  • Track top floor production progress with automatic cycle time calculations
  • Have the pulse of your your project with passive monitoring and automatic data collection tracking production to ensure the project is on time and within budget
  • Keep all stakeholders, from owners & project managers to superintendents & trade foremen, up to date on project status
  • Identify opportunities to increase efficiency and production flow
  • Collaborate more effectively with your subcontractors and trades
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Automate Site Activity Tracking

  • Capture, record, and classify truck entries and exits
  • Accurate and timely data to track material deliveries and removals
  • Reconcile billing disputes and debunk false claims faster
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Construction analytics dashboard for developers | AI construction software by INDUS.AI

Validate and Audit All Claims

  • Access weekly or daily trade and production analytics 24/7
  • Ensure all stakeholders are aware of and approve new claims and change orders
  • Check claims in minutes rather than hours
  • Eliminate false claims, billing disputes and reducing risk to the schedule
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AI-Powered Construction Monitoring at Sundt

Learn from Continuous Improvement Program Manager, Dominic Daughtrey & Virtual Construction Engineer, Eric Cylwik from Sundt.