Construction safety reports for General Contractors

Solutions for General Contractors

Protect your reputation for excellence and efficiency

  • Prevent surprises that could result in project delays
  • Keep all stakeholders from developers and owners to lenders up to date project status
  • Collaborate effectively with developers and subcontractors

Make data-driven decisions

  • Be aware of potential issues like safety and compliance
  • Ensure efficient utilization of your heavy machinery and equipment
  • Always have the pulse of your workforce and labor productivity
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Stay on schedule with your construction projects and identify risks early with real time interactive dashboards based on construction intelligence

Solutions for Developers

Identify Schedule Risks Early

  • Prevent surprises by tracking progress in real time via interactive dashboards
  • Keep all stakeholders from owners and lenders, to marketing and sales teams, up to date on project status
  • Proactively get notified about potential risks to the schedule, flagged by automated cycle time analysis

Gain Real-time Visibility and Transparency

  • Improve safety and compliance to reduce liability issues
  • Identify opportunities to increase efficiency
  • Collaborate more effectively with general contractors
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Safety and Compliance

Improve Compliance through Greater Awareness

  • Learn of safety policy violations and gain risk insights sooner
  • Get alerts when on-site staff or visitors are not wearing hard hats and/or safety vests
  • Receive daily and weekly summaries of safety issues

Reduce Project Risks

  • Satisfy insurance underwriting requirements with a comprehensive safety and compliance system of record
  • Manage liability issues like safety and compliance
  • Track workforce and labor activities 24/7
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Construction Intelligence

Every day, INDUS.AI monitors over 83 million square feet of construction sites with our AI engine detecting both anomalies and progress.

These videos show how INDUS.AI captures, interprets, and analyzes video streams and time-lapse images and turns them into actionable insights.

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