Procore Integration:
Building a Culture of Safety and Productivity

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Our Procore integrations save you time by automating the data entry of safety and manpower observations.

Rather than manually collecting and entering observations, our AI-powered computer vision system pushes this jobsite information into convenient locations within the Procore platform.

Automate Collection and Entry of Manpower Data

Our newest Procore integration automates the collection and entry of manpower data in Procore’s Daily Log tool. Now, Procore users can easily access their INDUS.AI monitored subcontractor and trade data directly in their Procore daily log.

A Safer Foundation for Your Sites

Procore is the world's leading construction management software. In November 2018, Procore and INDUS.AI launched their first integration with Safety Observations. Procore users can reinforce their safety culture with computer vision and machine learning, powered by INDUS.AI. 

Automate Daily Log Entries with AI

Daily logs from the job site enable project managers and executives to keep track of every detail including, but not limited to, labor, activities, equipment, materials, and construction progress each and every day. INDUS.AI and Procore are teaming up to automate construction management workflows such as daily logs across the job site to boost productivity, safety, and profitability.

Get Real-Time PPE Alerts

As safety becomes more and more important at job sites, INDUS.AI’s Procore integration helps you detect PPE violations in near real-time and monitor for trends.

Instead of using traditional paper reports, INDUS.AI automates the reporting process for you. The integration empowers you with accurate and actionable data in a timely fashion.

Receive Actionable Insights

With the missing PPE alerts you receive, you can be in the know and react quickly to avoid preventable costs, safety violations, and delays. Project managers at Brookfield, Skanska, AECOM, and Ryan Companies love the actionable data from INDUS.AI.

The Procore and INDUS.AI integration can take your efficiency to a whole new level!

Automated Daily Log Entries

INDUS.AI’s Procore integration can help you track construction progress, assess site productivity and resource utilization, directly in your Procore system of record via automated real-time data insights from INDUS.AI. INDUS.AI automates capturing field and jobsite data into Procore daily logs within seconds, including weather impacts, equipment records, safety violations, and truck delivery reports.

Transform your safety culture!

Check out this Webinar for more details on how this integration can help you.
Safety on the job site is a daily practice. INDUS.AI powered computer vision assesses your job site for safety, compliance, and productivity gains. Any A.I. validated safety observations will now flow straight into Procore via integration.


“We are excited to see INDUS.AI leverage their powerful monitoring system to bring automation around the Procore daily log for tracking field productivity. Instead of calling around trying to figure out how many workers were onsite, project leaders can now simply check their dailies and react intelligently,” said Eric Tucker, Business Development Manager at Procore.