Mobile Integration - Traffic Mitagation on EGx Corridor

Traffic Counter, Neighbourhood Noise Level, Street Signage


Smart Work Zone

Proximity and velocity sensors alert workers creating a road work zone to increase overall safety and management of sites.

Count Vehicles and Pedestrians

Cost effectively count trucks, buses, cars even in the most complex intersections. Count pedestrians to measure impacts of side-walk closures. Reports are generated daily and weekly and are automatically pushed to the responsibly actor.

Traffic Mitigation

Advise users of next-day and construction updates providing alternative for pass-thru traffic to by-pass areas. Detour instructions can be loaded into the systems frequently as construction progresses and are pushed to a public mobile app street signage that communicates to the neighbourhood in advance. Neighbours can now plan their route even get bus alerts 5 minutes in advance of the bus arrival at the designated stop.

Noise Levels

Monitor decibel levels along the site perimeter to ensure noise levels are in line with zoning laws.