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Accelerating the Transformation of the Construction Industry

At INDUS.AI, we believe a shift is occurring. Large scale construction – bridges, airports, tunnels, buildings – is about to enter an unprecedented phase of growth across the world. More than ever before, we believe advanced analytics will be used to ensure these projects finish on time and on budget. We launched our platform in 2017 and have clients across the US, Canada, Hong Kong, and Brazil.

What are We Trying to Do?

Construction sites are organized chaos. They are a dizzying circus of materials, people, and equipment. The developer and construction team are gladiators attempting to keep behemoth projects on track, sometimes through sheer force of will. However, they are usually outmatched and the result is that 90% of large construction projects in the US are delayed or over budget by an average of 80%.

Welcome to INDUS.AI

The INDUS.AI platform works as a second pair of eyes, identifying important construction insights ranging from safety concerns to equipment utilization or logistic risks to progress lags. Our unique technology analyzes data from an array of video camera feeds and leverages advanced AI, machine learning, and computer vision to enable real-time intervention and data-driven actions.

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Our first and most important company value is to delight our customers – we live and breathe for them. We believe that customer success is everyone’s job, not just that of the ‘Customer Success’ team. We embrace feedback and the learnings that come from failure. We embody teamwork while maintaining a ‘Get it Done’ attitude.

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