Real examples of artificial intelligence and computer vision on construction sites

Learn how developers, owners and general contractors are using INDUS.AI to gain real-time insights into their job sites

Menkes Developments Inc: "Reducing schedule delay risks and the time spent managing the site"
Skanska : "Increasing transparency and owner’s visibility to the construction project progress"
KingSett Capital: "Ensuring milestones are met"
Crosslinx Transit Solutions: "Reducing claims and claim management time"
Ryan Companies: “Overcoming labor shortage by automating data collection from the construction site”
AECOM-Tishman/Brookfield: "Eliminating the bottlenecks and improving efficiency at the construction site"
Sundt: "Monitoring site logistics and operations across multiple projects to normalize and optimize performance”
Kapture Prefab: "Providing real-time labor and production analytics to continuously optimize our manufacturing process"
NV2A: “Ensuring Safety, Security, and compliance with smarter event detection”
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