Join us in disrupting the construction industry.

At we believe a shift is occurring. Large scale construction - bridges, airports, tunnels, buildings - are about to enter an unprecedented phase of growth across North America. And more than ever before, we believe advanced analytics will be used to ensure those projects happen on time and on budget.

What are we trying to do?

Construction sites are organized chaos. They are a dizzying circus of materials, people and equipment. The project manager onsite is a gladiator attempting through sheer force of will, and armed with little more than a clipboard and a radio, to keep a behemoth project on track.  The project manager however is overmatched and the impact is that 90% of large construction projects in the US are over budget by an average of 80%

Welcome to

The platform works as a Project Manager’s second pair of eyes, identifying important construction events ranging from security concerns to equipment risks to performance lags.  This unique technology analyzes data from an array of camera feeds (leveraging advanced AI & Machine Vision) to enable real-time intervention.

We launched our platform in 2016 and already have clients across Hong Kong, Canada and the US.

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Current Openings

Product Marketing Director

As a Product Marketing Director/Manager, you will be the voice of our products in the market. You will define our target buyer, develop our competitive positioning and craft communication to best position versus the competitive offerings.

AI Trainer

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more capable, we are looking for someone to train the AI in the most efficient way possible. You'll be working with the development team to architect and validate the training sets to continuously expand our AI's capability.

System Administrator/DevOps

To ensure our AI gets a consistent flow of data, it is critical to maintain our systems in tip-top condition. Monitoring health of our networks as well as strategizing scalable maintenance plan will help us to grow. 

Server-side Developer

The reliability of a product is defined by the robustness and resiliency of it's backbone. Join our team of world-class server-side developers to push the boundaries of efficient data management, network routing optimization, and unprecedented server uptime.

Web Developer requires groundbreaking dashboard that takes the meaning of UX to a whole new level. Our users expect to digest information in a fast and efficient manner.