Webinar: How AI Eliminates Construction Waste

The average construction project wastes 25-50% of its resources due to a lack of data and the resulting ineffective coordination of labor, material, and activities.

Think about that: a waste of 25-50%! Is there any circumstance in your life where you would consider it acceptable to waste 25-50% of resources?! If you were installing 8 new cabinets, would you buy 12 and put 4 out with the garbage? To feed a family of 4, would you buy 6 steaks and toss 2 or 3 of them to the neighbor’s dog? Of course not! You expect to run a lean household.

Fortunately, the solution to this waste in construction is readily available: Artificial Intelligence (AI) that automates the monitoring of construction projects and subcontractors to proactively coordinate site operations and activities – and make sure projects finish on time and on budget.

Watch AI Takes Lean Construction to the Next Level, a webinar in which Mike Davison, VP of Products at INDUS.AI, shows you what a growing number of developers and general contractors already know:

  • AI eliminates waste
  • AI proactively informs you of safety and compliance risks
  • AI is being used on all types of projects

If you have questions about how AI can help you complete your construction projects on time and on budget, request a demo.

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