NY Procore Golf Tournament 2019 Recap

Golf doesn’t seem to have much in common with high-rise construction. But to succeed in either, you need to be able to make accurate predictions based on real-time data and human input. 

For instance, golfers make predictions based on wind, distance, and course conditions. In construction, managers have to foresee and mitigate risks, especially when it comes to schedule and safety. 

A few weeks ago, almost 200 New York-area construction executives, from companies such as Skanska, Gilbane, and Katerra, gathered at the prestigious Scarsdale Golf Course for Procore’s New York Golf Outing, a day of fun and industry discussion. 

Nearly all agreed that the high-rise sector is undergoing transformative change as new platforms provide project managers with better data and greater visibility, allowing them to make more accurate predictions than ever before.  

INDUS.AI’s Anthony Fernando was one of the representatives of leading construction technology companies, and he did his best to keep up with the terrific golfers in his foursome!

Several executives, aware of how computer vision in construction industry is changing the way project managers identify and respond to risks, as well as how INDUS.AI is helping general contractors better bid and manage large construction projects, joked that INDUS.AI should develop a platform to verify scores in corporate golf tournaments.  

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