New Year, New Gears

A new year has begun and our team here at thinks that it’s a perfect time to change gears, and properly introduce ourselves. is a Construction Analytics platform that uses cameras and IoT sensors infused with computer vision algorithms to detect and report events, track workers and equipments on construction sites. With, we focus on improving job site safety, productivity, and security. By providing real-time construction analytics in a comprehensive dashboard, it allows management to easily access and keep track of what’s going on in the sites.

The dashboard of site analytics can be viewed through computers, mobile phones, and even integrates with smartwatches. also stores valuable construction site data for future cost reduction analysis and corporate governance compliance. Sending alerts and notifications about critical events straight to your device, it eliminates delays or possible miscommunication of information. is a secure standalone web and mobile dashboard that provides a construction firm streaming live analytics. The live security feed can be accessed straight from the web or mobile app, any site can be managed remotely; just open it on a connected device, and then view or playback any security feed straight from the cloud. Need to remember something about the clip? No problem: make and save annotations right to the footage to help retain any important notes about it. allows you to be aware of your site at all times and provides you with the right tool for the right time. It ranges from things like the equipment and personnel tracker and counter services to help keep track of team and equipment efficiency, to the proximity alert which will help to alert the immediate corresponding people of unsafe conditions, providing extra time to avoid near miss situations. Nothing is more important than productivity and safety at a job site and is a bold attempt to reshape how things get done in the construction industry.

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