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Monitor work site activity and get real time updates with's construction intelligence platform available on mobile devices

The convenience and assistance that mobile presents to us is greater now than we could have ever imagined just a while ago. The fact that we can fit so many things into one device, that provides so many possible actions, is amazing. The development of the smartphone catapulted us into a new era. It has become one of the most crucial element of our daily lives. is now available on the iPhone ( mobile app is coming soon to Android).

We believe that with mobile integration, can help your site become more safe, secure, and efficient. now provides construction intelligence platform on mobile devices

Some of the major advantages to having mobile integration in the construction industry are:

  1. Access to service knowledge and time-efficient alerts to updates
    Finding out the newest updates on a situation used to be done through a network of contacts, usually one person calling the next. Now, everybody can receive the same updates at the same time, no delays.
    When emergency situations come up, you can immediately figure out a course of action and save time. Workers can be notified of the procedures needed to take and react safely and effectively, as soon as possible.
  2. Visibility and Communication
    Using your phone, view live and play recording through the app and access security feeds to multiple sites and angles. You can be more aware of where and how far along procedures are and organize your processes to maximize efficiency.
    Get notifications straight to you about any incidents that happen, so you can act fast and get on top of any issues. Mobile provides you with clear communication through alerts right to your phone, allowing for faster reaction. The sooner you are notified, the sooner you can find a quick and skillful solution.
  3. Accurate Reporting and Real-time Monitoring
    Keep an eye on your site even when you can’t physically be there through your phone. With the information right at your fingertips, the remote access and real-time monitoring provides a secure and convenient solution. By storing this footage on secure cloud data servers, you can retrieve artifacts and data for change orders & claims right from your mobile. Pull up the information right when you need it, efficiency is key.

It’s undeniable that mobile has been deeply integrated in our work life. Mobile allows us to receive important alerts in timely manner and it becomes critically important when it comes to safety and security. This is the new era, changed and revolutionized by mobile integration.

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