INDUS.AI Saves the Day – and General Contractor Saves a Week

On a sunny winter day, Senior Superintendent at a Top 50 ENR General Contractor, was facing a potential week-long delay on a highrise tower under construction in Austin, Texas.

He had his Level 7 deck pour ready, with the concrete placement scheduled for 1 a.m. the next morning. All he needed was an electrical inspection prior to the placement.

But a City of Austin ordinance prohibits inspectors from climbing more than six floors to perform an inspection. And the only access he had available for an inspector was seven floors of ladders and stairs. His hoist platforms were erected, but it would take another week to get them load-tested and running, meaning a week of delay.

Thinking quickly, he went into his INDUS.AI dashboard and used the intelligence control capabilities of Site Views from Level 7 to gain insights on the constructed deck. He emailed the insights and supporting images to the electrical inspector and asked him to perform a virtual inspection of the decks using the INDUS.AI insights in real-time.

The inspector agreed and came to the General Contractor’s conference room, where he viewed the real-time insights and views of the deck on an 80” screen. The electrical inspector used the insights and imagery to explain his rough-in, and the inspector passed the deck for the pour. The inspector also called the INDUS.AI solution an excellent workaround for the ordinance, which often delays pours during the Level 7 to 9 transition period in Austin. 

Superintendent, successfully having prevented a week-long delay in the project, says:

“It really blew the inspector’s mind that we had that capability!”

How can the INDUS.AI platform help you avoid delays and save time (and money) on your sites? Schedule a brief call with our Construction Intelligence specialists to discuss the problems you want to solve.

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