INDUS.AI Presents at the 2019 Offsite Construction Expo

At the 2019 Offsite Construction Expo, held on June 20 in Berkeley, CA, INDUS.AI shared its unique insights into the capabilities and opportunities that offsite construction, also known as Prefab, offers to the entire construction industry's product performance dashboard also demonstrated how its recently launched platform for Prefab production helps engineering and construction firms become more efficient and predictable by integrating Prefab into their shortened schedules and controlled environments.

The platform deploys cameras along the production line to follow the progress of each and every product and determine the production rate. When it recognizes a product is delayed at one station, it can instantly flag the location of the potential bottleneck and ultimately prevent a delay in the overall schedule. Read the full prefab datasheet.

The 150+ attendees of the Expo included offsite construction manufacturers, offsite factories, traditional contractors who have integrated offsite methods, architects, engineers, BIM suppliers, materials suppliers, transportation companies, and consultants who support all types of offsite construction processes.

The INDUS.AI team had an amazing time and would like to extend a huge thank you to the whole Offsite Construction Expo team and the guests for making this a wonderful event.

Monitor and optimize your production efficiency with INDUS.AI’s AI based construction intelligence platform. Download the solution sheet to learn more.

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