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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace now has a machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) discovery page that’s providing a large selection of ML models available for purchase. This is a great place for data engineers, data scientists, and developers to get familiar with the various use cases the industry is tackling, and finding the right products within the categories of Data Services, Machine Learning, Data Science Tools, and Intelligent APIs and Solutions.

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Why deploying AI can help you to accelerate your business? According to an early 2018 research from KPMG, the venture capital (VC) investment in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) doubled from $6bn in 2016 to $12bn a year later in 2017, that’s a 100% increase. The AI market is projected to reach $70bn by 2020, it is now an obvious trend that AI will impact businesses in many different industries. According to PwC research, 72% of business leaders believe AI can create a positive and strong impact on their businesses. “Adobe data reveals top-performing companies are twice as likely to harness this technology in their marketing than their lower ranked peers. Automation of data analysis and research reports ranks high among areas where AI is expected to make the biggest impact.”

For companies that are looking for AI and ML solutions, there are various resources for finding, deploying and managing models to better run their businesses. For example, AWS Marketplace, Google Cloud AI solution, and Algorithms are all providing platforms for shoppers to find ML models from thousands of software vendors.

Why should you shop ML models on AWS Marketplace? What are the benefits? Finding and deploying ML software can be challenging, but AWS Marketplace enables you to easily compare options, read reviews, and quickly find the software you want. When you see products you want to use, you can deploy that software to your own Amazon EC2 instance with 1-Click, and AWS handles the billing and payments.

This week, released its initial set of construction-site-optimized machine learning models on AWS Marketplace, so you can now easily improve your software by using the models. Here are the five models that are available now on AWS Marketplace:

  1. Construction Machines Detector
  2. Construction Worker Detector
  3. Person and Truck Detector
  4. Person and Truck Detector (GPU)
  5. Person and Truck Segmentation construction site optimized machine learning models on AWS Marketplace

By using the models, your software will be able to track real-time construction site activities, worker count, materials and equipment. By having accurate and precise records, you are able to increase job site efficiency, deliver projects on time at lower costs, and improve safety. can help to make you and your team’s life easier!

Contact us if you have any feedback on our models and if you are interested in applying them to different industrial settings. We would love to hear from you.

Worker Counting/ PPE detection using Indus construction intelligence softwareTruck counting using's construction intelligence platform CEO, Matt Man said, “by leveraging AWS’ cloud capabilities, we have created a software platform for autonomous monitoring and project execution optimization at construction sites.” already helped tens of world-class contractors and developers across the globe to deliver their projects on time at lower costs. Project stakeholders loved the actionable data collected by and using the data to get real-time visibility in order to increase job site productivity and efficiency. is currently partnering with AECOM Tishman, one of the world’s leading builders, to streamline its operations and help the company manage its projects with ease by providing actionable insights into daily activities. is trusted by top development and construction companies like Skanska, PCL, Brookfield, Ryan Companies, and already helping over 24 million sq ft of work zones.

Deploy’s ML models today to accelerate your team productivity and build construction with confidence!

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