Customer Success Story: How Your Construction Project Gains Value from Using AI

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, many companies that were once thriving are facing delays, rising costs, and declining productivity in the construction sector. The new challenges COVID regulations and the necessary PPE guidelines bring to the workplace can cause a lot of issues with business performance and compliance. 

What are you investing in for your business to truly be successful in the current economic climate? How can AI-powered solutions help your company become more efficient? 

Luckily, our team at INDUS.AI offers answers to many general contractor questions on how to keep workflow at maximum efficiency. 

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Your Business 

We are privileged to work with many amazing companies in the construction industry. This industry can be cyclical, riding the ups and downs of economic trends. At the start of 2020, it was hitting an upward stride. Many large contractors were confident they could last any upcoming downturns and get through tough times. 

But the longevity of the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike what we expected. In order to survive and maximize efficiency, industry leaders were left scrambling to figure out what to do. 

One way to maximize efficiency is utilizing artificial intelligence which can help your business in a variety of ways:

  • Progress and Performance Tracking –  AI helps you prevent surprises in production. For example, you can ensure your vertical build will be on a schedule by tracking top floor cycle time via interactive dashboards. This way, you can have your finger on the pulse of your project without having to recount information from multiple sources scanning the area at all times. This gives you the most accurate data possible to discuss with owners, project managers, superintendents, general contractors, and foremen. 
  • Helping to Maintain Social Distancing and PPE Standards – Video surveillance helps monitor whether your employees are maintaining social distancing standards. 
  • Spot Safety and Security Risks Before They Happen – The real-time insights provided by INDUS.AI help general contractors and superintendents analyze potential risks and make the adjustments necessary to stop them before they occur. 
  • Validating and Auditing Claims – With video surveillance and analytics, AI helps check claims in minutes rather than hours or days. It also gives you access to weekly or daily trade and production analytics, 24/7. You can eliminate false claims with reliable proof, help negate billing disputes, and create a more efficient workflow using actionable insights. 

How One Company Used AI To Increase Their Business Margins

In June 2019, one company came to us wanting solutions. As an ENR Top 10 GC, they wanted to know if they could better streamline their systems. They chose INDUS.AI for monitoring their construction sites and to improve the overall safety and performance of the project. 

Their Challenge

Facing rising costs and declining productivity in the construction sector, this Top 10 ENR General Contractor decided to use digital twins or virtual replicas of site activity, and artificial intelligence technologies to compete more effectively and keep pace with the rapid urbanization.


The Solution

The company used INDUS.AI as an AI-powered construction site monitor. The goal was to improve overall safety & performance by gaining data and insights about the project, which wouldn’t have been readily available without INDUS.AI. This GC selected the INDUS.AI solution for site monitoring to create digital twins, which can be monitored in real-time. The goals for AI on this 12-story, mixed-use development were to improve performance in four key areas:

  • Safety: The goal was to reduce job site incidents by reporting non-compliance violations. INDUS.AI placed dozens of cameras and video cameras throughout the site which could call out safety violations, track subcontractors’ activities and deliveries, and monitor cycle time. The GC was connected to the solution in real-time, but the solution also generated daily and weekly reports to give the GC greater and faster insights into project progress and produced an archive of site activity that could be used in case of claims against the GC.
  • Manpower and cycle time: By automating the monitoring and reporting of daily insights, the INDUS.AI solution reduced the amount of manual labor required. What’s more, the monitoring of missing deliveries and slow cycle times helped the GC identify and prevent schedule risks. In one instance, the insight that the INDUS.AI solution provided on the progress of a 42,000 sq. ft. waterproofing project allowed the GC to cut one week from the project timeline.
  • Delivery Tracking: The INDUS.AI solution tracked truck counts against the delivery schedule and when there was a variance, notified the GC, who could act quickly to course correct and minimize delays and other project impacts. 
  • Site awareness: One unexpected result can’t be measured in dollars alone: by delivering timely factual data, the INDUS.AI solution solidified the GC’s relationship with the owner. During a dispute over truck deliveries, the solution provided evidence of arrivals and departures, which enabled the GC to become a trusted partner.

The Results

INDUS.AI helped the project become successful. Enabling the team to reduce inefficiencies by over 10% while boosting performance and making the construction site safer. Furthermore, the relationship with the owner strengthened significantly and went from a general lack of trust to one of deep trust, proving INDUS.AI’s value with transparency and factual, timely data. 

Overall, this technology aided the client in creating a safer job site, kept the project on schedule, and increased productivity. They saw a 90% decrease in PPE violations and saved over $100K in claims.

Most developers and GC’s know that construction tends to lag behind other industries in both productivity and the adoption of new technologies. While the benefits that AI brings to construction sites – including lower costs, increased reliability, improved safety, and more – often sound too good to be  true, the results one Top 10 ENR GC achieved using AI clearly document the positive impact AI can have on schedules, bottom lines, and safety. Contact us to find out more.

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