How Your Company Can Thrive in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 and the challenges it faces in the workforce are far from over. As the vaccine begins to make its way throughout essential workers and those at a higher risk of contracting the virus, states are beginning to lift mask mandates or continue existing ordinances and keeping business operations at a limited capacity. This leaves companies in a bit of a bind. From an economic standpoint, many want to do everything it takes to open their doors and begin making profits again. But how do you ensure the health and safety of your most valuable asset – your employees?

Many workers in the construction industry are voicing their concerns. Workers at one company in Edinburgh voiced their fears very clearly, expressing that they “don’t feel safe” because of the lack of precautions their employers were taking. They went so far as to say that they are scared to come into work because of the continued COVID-19 outbreaks in the area, and detailed simple issues on their job sites that were not being taken seriously.

So how can companies take simple measures to not only survive but thrive in the midst of continued COVID-19 outbreaks? Here are a few simple steps:  

Ensure all of your employees are wearing masks

Several states have lifted their mask mandates, such as Texas, Florida, and South Carolina, leaving it up to individual businesses to decide. Even if your state has lifted its mask ordinance, it is important to make it abundantly clear that you require employees to wear masks at all times on your job sites. The CDC clearly states that when you wear a mask, you are protecting others as well as yourself

Maintain social distancing whenever possible

It is difficult to ensure social distancing on a job site, but masks coupled with social distancing are shown to be the most effective ways to stop the spread of COVID-19. Make sure you have clearly marked areas where social distancing is possible during certain tasks. If you must have meetings indoors, limit the number of people and make sure they are standing six feet apart. If possible, have your meetings, gathering times, and employee breaks take place outside. It can also be helpful to clearly mark exits so they do not become over-crowded. 

Ensure there are hand washing stations at every jobsite

One of the most recommended ways to combat COVID-19 is to regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. Make sure that all of your workers have the ability to clean their hands throughout the day, especially after breaks and using the restroom. If there is not a handwashing station, ensure that each jobsite has adequate amounts of hand sanitizer for employees to use throughout the day. The FDA recommends that an alcohol-based hand sanitizer contain at least 60% alcohol to be effective.   

Send out a company-wide message

Let your employees know you hear their concerns and are doing everything you can to keep them safe and healthy. Send out a company-wide memo detailing every safety precaution you will be taking, and make it clear you will be enforcing these measures. Print out all of the safety precautions as posters and hang them around your job site. This way, if someone does not have access to email or a computer, you can still be sure all of your employees are made aware. 

Use AI to track and implement comprehensive safety measures 

General contractors and supervisors can’t be everywhere at once. It’s hard for just a handful of people to circle a job site and make sure everyone is following the recommended guidelines for safety and social distancing. One way you can be absolutely certain is by implementing comprehensive AI technology at your job sites. 

Our AI services offer 24/7 insights and data to help you maintain the safest work environment possible. These insights will help you stop problems before they occur, help you monitor the most heavily trafficked areas of your site, and know if employees are following social distancing standards and wearing their masks. These insights will help you spot risks and create solutions before it becomes a recurring issue. Footage can even be used for training and new employee onboarding. 

This emerging technology is a vital step in making sure your company can continue to operate during COVID-19. In order to keep our economy going and as many people employed as possible, we must make sure our people are safe. Want to know more about how AI can transform your job site and positively impact your employees? Contact us today.

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