How to Save Money In Construction: Cost-Cutting in Every Project Phase

Construction is costly and commercial projects can total millions of dollars. With the industry in recovery from the pandemic, owners, managers, and contractors are looking to cut costs and maximize efficiency without forfeiting quality. 

Artificial intelligence is pushing the construction industry faster and further than ever before. When it comes to cost-cutting, AI construction management systems can help companies mitigate losses, maximize efficiency, and streamline project communication. INDUS.AI’s construction management software does this for every phase of a project and allows owners, managers, and contractors to cut costs so they can stay ahead of the industry curve.

Here’s how AI can help companies save on construction costs every step of the way.

Precise Pre-Construction Planning

Solid planning is essential for construction, it’s a no-brainer that’s required to ensure the safety and success of a completed project. Finances, however, often go neglected in the planning process. While every owner, manager, and contractor certainly have a budget to adhere to, these numbers are often calculated from out-of-date information that could lead to excess funds allotted to unnecessary resources (and profit loss when those materials go unused).

Resources are more than just materials. Time, labor, management, communication, and licensing are also essential resources to any project. In the pre-construction process, owners and managers need to understand everything from the project’s blueprints, to the vendors or suppliers they will use, to the exact timing of delivery.

Without an accurate assessment of needs, these resources are easily wasted. Here’s where AI comes into play.

To cut costs in the planning phase of construction, artificial intelligence can help owners and managers track assumptions and look out for mistakes. For example, we helped one of our clients save time (and therefore money) with our AI-powered construction management software. They needed an inspector’s approval before moving on with the next project phase, but regulations within the city prohibited inspectors from climbing more than six floors to perform an inspection (the inspector needed to climb seven). Instead of putting the project off by a week, the site manager used INDUS.AI’s Site Views capability to show the deck onsite. The inspector was able to approve the site using images and data from INDUS.AI’s system, and the project moved forward. 

Make Demolition Safe, Efficient, and Cost-Effective

Demolition requires a lot of hands-on decks, from site managers to dump truck drivers removing excess debris from a project location. INDUS.AI’s construction management software can help companies monitor all of the “players” on a site at once.

Construction Demolition

Safety is of the utmost importance and without it, construction sites will inevitably encounter hidden costs and losses. Artificial intelligence construction site management helps keep contractors and subcontractors safe on sites, reduce accidents, and maximize efficiency. INDUS.AI’s software can help site managers determine when safety regulations are violated, or even when a worker is about to breach the line into a dangerous zone. This is essential in the demolition phase of any project, as it has many moving parts in high-risk areas, all at once.

Artificial intelligence also makes demolition sites more efficient by tracking data on heavy equipment as well as the flow of material in and out of the site. The same strategy can be applied to workers, AI can help site managers determine if subcontractors are not at work. 

For example, INDUS.AI’s system can help monitor the number of dump trucks that arrive or leave at a given site, how much time is spent on-site, and other metrics related to billing costs. When it comes time to pay your suppliers, if there is a discrepancy, AI can help determine the correct amount of time spent and therefore the correct price.

Track Excavation Processes and Minimize Losses

Artificial intelligence can help companies track the time, effort, and money spent on the excavation process. This is an essential part of any construction project but can be time-consuming and disorganized without a proper system to automatically validate activities and logistics onsite.

INDUS.AI’s construction management software offers site managers and owners the ability to monitor the number of trucks sent, versus trucks used. This can help reduce excess costs and help you plan for future projects with a better understanding of the number of resources needed to complete a task.

Automate Tracking Building the Superstructure

The central goal of all of this prep work is building the actual structure itself. Forming the building requires attention to detail for the sake of safety, for aesthetics, for quality control, and to ensure that original design specifications are met. 

Artificial intelligence helps automate all of these processes, from quality assurance and quality control inspections to monitoring the progression of a specific building process. As mentioned above, INDUS.AI’s system can help maintain a safe work environment and boost efficiency through 24/7 tracking and data-driven assessments of a site.

Automating tracking of the superstructure build process with AI helps simplify a complicated set of steps by creating a communication portal, if you will, for all stakeholders on a project. Automation can also help ensure that a company’s quality standards are met and that projects are completed within the specified time frame.

AI construction management software can assure owners, contractors, and subcontractors that the end result (the building) matches the design specifications laid out at the beginning of the project.

A Bird’s-Eye View of Finishing Touches

When all is said and done, there are usually a few finishing touches left on a project, whether minor design details, or something major like filling in walls, adding paint, or installing windows. Keep your construction project from lagging as it nears the finish line by closely monitoring these elements with data-driven construction management software.

INDUS.AI’s system can help stakeholders assess the completeness of a project from anywhere, without having to visit a site, so that they can track progress in the final days of a project. This helps keep the project on track and minimizes the amount of time, and money, wasted when going back and forth on final details.

Considering how you can cut costs and stay ahead of the construction game in 2021? Let us know what you’re working on, and we’ll help you figure out how to use AI to your advantage.

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