Differences Between Autodesk Construction IQ and Oracle Construction Intelligence

Construction sites worldwide benefit from AI-based technology that makes work safer, more efficient, and more effective. With many options on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one will meet all of your required needs. Whatever technology you choose, focus on four key factors: safety, efficiency, insights, and project tracking.

Two major players in the construction intelligence technology sphere are Autodesk Construction IQ and Oracle Construction Intelligence. This post will serve as an analysis of both to help readers understand the pros and cons of each system. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud

This software provides construction solutions for multiple stages of a project. Various technology elements can aid site management, provide 2D and 3D models for takeoff, and automate communication between different project stakeholders. All project documentation are stored in the system for reference and to maintain a record of project happenings.


  • Analysis driven by AI can learn and measure things on sites as they change
  • Cloud-based communication makes it easy for all stakeholders to access
  • Platform to share building models
  • Streamlined communication for project managers to track details of a site
  • Multiple essential construction management tools housed in one platform


  • Does not include video, does not provide a view of the site
  • Information provided is only data, not records of activity on the site
  • Does not monitor safety risks or regulations on a site
  • Cannot provide insights about worker performance or equipment performance

Oracle Construction Intelligence

Oracle’s construction management software uses artificial intelligence to analyze data across the site. The system analyses all data sets through the information gathered to help project stakeholders understand potential pitfalls and hazards. Site managers can use this information to take proactive measures to prevent delays, safety issues, and other issues with project quality.


  • Artificial intelligence uses data to make informed predictions about site risks
  • One platform houses all data sets, making them easily accessible
  • AI constantly learns, becoming more accurate with time
  • Cloud-based and easy to share with project stakeholders


  • Does not include video, does not provide view of the site
  • Cannot monitor workers performance or equipment productivity
  • Insights provided are data and analysis, no record of site activity provided

Construction intelligence software is an essential component of the modernized industry. Project stakeholders rely on informed data analysis for decision making, to ensure safety on a project, to track the financial aspects of a site, and to ensure timelines are upheld. These many factors are difficult to manage without integrated software; that’s why artificial intelligence (in whatever capacity you choose to use) can bridge the gap between data and the people who use it. 

Artificial intelligence-based software is the most essential tool in the construction manager’s toolbox in 2021. It will help them stay current in their industry and manage their projects with efficiency and efficacy. If you want to see how artificial intelligence could work for you, contact us today.


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