Advancing Construction Technology 2019 Recap

On August 19th, 2019, the INDUS.AI team exhibited for the first time at the Advancing Construction Technology (ACT) conference in Chicago, IL. We showcased our capabilities around manpower & trade management, PPE detection, cycle time, truck counting & material tracking, and site safety & security. Our construction intelligence solutions empower construction professionals with actionable insights and help them gain valuable time back.

During a breakout session, Mike Ernst, VP of Insights and Innovation for Ryan Companies spoke about INDUS.AI and artificial intelligence in his talk, “Revealing the Journey to Artificial Intelligence: How Can Computer Vision Enhance Project Controls and Provide Insights?”. Mike went into detail about: 

  • Defining opportunities for Computer Vision and tailoring its value on every project.
  • Evolving from a surveillance system to an “Intelligent Jobsite”.Deploying emerging technologies on active projects and using lessons learned to gain momentum on future projects.

At the ACT conference, over 150 Operations, General Contractor, and Construction Technology leaders shared their processes; how they’re leveraging new technology to increase operational productivity, quality, and safety; and the return they’re seeing on investment in emerging tools.

We look forward to the next conference in 2020!

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