6 Common Construction Workflows That Can Be Improved With AI

Safety and efficiency are vital in the construction industry. With large-scale teams on construction sites at any given time, these two goals can be hard to achieve when managing so many moving parts.

Artificial intelligence is helping the construction industry improve safety, capitalize on efficiency, and stay within budgets because it can provide automated solutions to critical construction workflows. While some may worry that AI is replacing the need for workers, it’s not — it’s simply making their jobs safer and more efficient. 

INDUS.AI’s construction management software uses artificial intelligence to enhance necessary construction workflows. The system helps owners, contractors and subcontractors move their projects along faster while maintaining a high quality of work. Artificial intelligence has already transformed key areas by making automation possible within the construction industry. Here are the six common construction workflows that have already been improved by AI across many projects with proven ROI.

Safety Observations 

Artificial intelligence can help owners, contractors and subcontractors regulate and manage safety requirements on every site, 24/7. The construction management software learns high-risk areas, safety regulations, and necessary precautions and standards and best practices that keep workers safe. INDUS.AI’s system can even help manage new health protocols in place because of the pandemic. 

This type of automation fixes a common problem in the industry: construction site managers can’t be everywhere at once. Artificial intelligence narrows the room for error, making it possible to minimize workplace accidents and mistakes that could become costly issues for companies.

Validation of Logistics (trucks taking material in & out of the site) for billing and dispute resolution 

Monitoring site logistics is essential for contractors and subcontractors, owners also, because it can give insight into the time needed to complete a project, deliver material, and how much the company needs to pay for those actions. More often than not, when logistics are left to one person, data can be missed and it is hard to backtrack to review events that already occurred.


INDUS.AI’s construction management software creates an ongoing, live record for each construction site and can track the delivery of material, or the removal of certain elements. If a dispute arises — like a vendor sends a bill for materials that weren’t delivered to the site — these metrics can help site owners prove that those assets were missing. It saves companies money and prevents time lost due to dispute resolution. The process also simplifies billing, any question about deliveries can easily be answered by data made available through the artificial intelligence system.

Progress Tracking 

In an increasingly digital world, INDUS.AI’s software can help all construction project stakeholders understand where a site stands at any given moment. The system gives real-time insights to specific project areas, and site managers don’t even have to be on-site to monitor the progress of a specific area.

This can also streamline communication for all project stakeholders, making information about every property available at the click of a button. If stakeholders need to discuss timelines, they can easily assess a project without having to visit the site.

INDUS.AI’s system improves project tracking because it automatically provides data-driven insights about the site. These insights can help stakeholders identify project schedule risks, and come up with creative solutions to keep a project on track.

Compliance Reporting 

Artificial intelligence can help streamline any aspect of compliance reporting that exists on a construction site. This could range from OSHA guidelines required during the pandemic, general safety regulations, or city ordinances related to construction.

construction reporting

INDUS.AI’s system also helps site owners, contractors and subcontractors understand the frequency of compliance issues. The system gathers data and can offer a report with detailed information that stakeholders can act upon. Perhaps one safety regulation is consistently violated on a site, like social distancing or wearing masks as required by state authorities. Managers can assess this information and implement stricter guidelines or require mandatory training around an issue to minimize the occurrence of that violation in the future.

Quality Inspections and Quality Assurance

Quality control directly correlates to a construction company’s success and reputation among clients. INDUS.AI’s system can assist site managers, contractors, and subcontractors by providing insights into a given project at any time. Through the use of artificial intelligence, project managers can perform automated remote inspections and ensure that every step of the as-built structure and the construction process is meeting the design specs.

This improves the guarantee of a site, giving companies (and their clients) an extra layer of security around both the quality and safeness of a project. 

Productivity & Performance Tracking

It’s paramount that on-site contractors and subcontractors stay engaged at all times, both for their safety and for the progress of the project. INDUS.AI’s real-time project management software can help regulate the flow of workers, material, and heavy equipment so that site managers can understand how productive their project may be, the rate of production, and how participants are performing at any time. These insights are invaluable in the construction industry because any project’s success is directly linked to its timeline. 

Artificial intelligence can monitor the flow of material through lay-down areas on a site, and identify if it’s taking too long moving the material, impacting the production rate, schedule, or performance. It can also determine if the cycle time of various activities like formwork, rebar, and concrete pour on the top deck. Project managers can then take this information and quickly determine why issues have come up, perhaps if a piece of equipment isn’t functioning properly, or material delivery is delayed, and then remedy them so that the site remains productive. 

INDUS.AI is leading the way in artificial intelligence, showing the construction industry that various workflows can be improved, assisted or even automated through artificial intelligence. These insights make projects move faster, help managers keep workers on-task, and minimize risks. Artificial intelligence is showing the construction industry innovative ways to improve productivity in every essential construction workflow.

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