5 Essential Tools for Construction Resource Management

There are two types of toolboxes on a construction site: the actual, tangible tools you hold in your hands, and then tech tools that make the site function efficiently. Automated systems provide clarity about site activity, constant monitoring, and data that help project stakeholders understand the status of a site at any given time.

These five tools are essential in order to maintain effective and efficient construction resource management.

Safety Observations and Real-Time Alerts

If you’re going to invest in construction management software, safety should be the top priority. An effective construction management system will have the ability to monitor safety both actively and passively. Actively, the software should be able to provide real-time alerts about safety violations or concerns as they happen on a job site. The software should also be able to monitor the site passively, recording videos of site activity while work is happening and when the site is inactive.

All of these systems should be automated within a construction management system and provide data regularly, if not in real-time. 

INDUS.AI’s system provides real-time safety alerts that can notify a construction site manager immediately if a worker enters a dangerous zone on a site, removes their PPE, or doesn’t maintain other safety requirements. These real-time alerts are essential to mitigate risks but also reduce the number of safety violations that may happen on a site at a given time.

Automated Progress Tracking & Visual Comparisons

INDUS.AI’s construction management software system allows site managers to automatically track the progress of a project and provide visual comparisons between plans and the site. This is an essential tool in any construction management system because it directly affects communication among project stakeholders, as well as the project’s bottom line.

With resources like INDUS.AI’s automated progress tracking system, all project stakeholders—owners, site managers, contractors, and subcontractors—can understand where the site stands at any given point in time. This keeps construction sites on track with projected timelines and minimizes losses incurred during project delays.

Delivery Tracking & Removals

Tracking the arrival or removal of materials is even more essential as the construction industry faces shortages across the world. In order to get the most out of a construction management system, delivery and removal of products must be automatically tracked. It benefits construction companies both financially and in terms of efficiency.

Should any dispute arise over deliveries, INDUS.AI’s system can provide a record that allows construction site managers to go back and review the number of trucks (or amount of materials) delivered on a given day. This can help companies reduce the amount of money wasted on materials, or lower the cost of materials by ensuring that the proper amount was billed.

Tracking delivery and removal of materials can also keep a project on track by providing construction managers with real-time insights about what materials are needed and whether or not there is room to bring more to the site –making sure of efficient flow of material keeps the schedule on time.

Site Visibility to Manage Incidents (auto-archived recordings)

INDUS.AI’s SiteViews automatically record, and archive, all site activities. This provides site managers and other stakeholders with a video transcript in case there are any incidents on a site. Should an accident occur, an aspect of construction be completed incorrectly, or another incident happens, managers can use these records to understand who was at fault and immediately remedy the issue.

This is vital for keeping projects on track because incidents can be resolved quickly. It also mitigates any losses due to incidents and helps ensure the safety of workers. Site visibility monitoring can help answer any disputes that may arise by providing a visual and verifiable record for the project.

Remote and Automated Top Deck Inspections

Tracking top deck build progress, and ensuring proper inspections are made along the way, is essential for the progress of any site because—as one might expect— construction projects build on themselves. Automated top deck inspections should be in the toolbox of any construction resource management system because they promote efficiency and safety at the same time. An automated system also reduces the amount of time and effort exerted by site managers to ensure that those standards are met. With a system like INDUS.AI, inspections are made regularly so that they are never missed.

Looking to round out your construction site toolbox? Consider AI-driven solutions. Reach out to us at INDUS.AI today.

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