4 Must-Haves for Your Construction Project Management Software

Construction software exists to make the lives of owners, contractors, and subcontractors a little simpler during the building process. With so many options for construction project management systems, it can be difficult to choose which product will offer the best ROI and move your project forward most efficiently.

Four primary factors are essential to project management: safety, project progress, site visibility, and overall project data. These are the most significant elements that should be included in any project management software in order to make a strong choice for your company. Here’s what each of those elements looks like in practice, and what to look out for while searching for an effective construction project management software.

24/7 Safety Monitoring

Without a doubt, safety monitoring should be one of the highest priorities of any construction site manager or owner. Effective safety monitoring can’t be costly, complex, intrusive or overbearing to the construction team. An inefficient safety system can overwhelm a team that is already focused on getting a complex project completed on time, while also trying to maintain the budget and quality of work. 

In order to monitor safety on a site without detracting from work, the system should be passive—always monitoring in the background—and not too hands-on.

It’s essential to consider systems that account for pandemic-related requirements like PPE and social distancing. INDUS.AI’s construction management software provides 24/7 safety monitoring that covers everything from PPE and social distancing, to monitoring high-risk areas, to ensure that workers don’t enter dangerous zones.

Safety monitoring needs to offer specific insights, identifying both when and where a safety issue is occurring. These data points will help site managers achieve project safety and encourage best practices because they ensure changes are made in real time.

Safety monitoring can also add a level of security when the site is closed down, ensuring that there is information available  — and alerts ready — if there is a break-in on the site. INDUS.AI’s solution monitors every aspect of a site, entry and exit points, to ensure that the project and materials are protected even when workers are not on location.

This type of all-hours monitoring can act as extra insurance for any issues that arise during the delivery or departure of site materials. Should a safety issue arise, a concern about proper practices from vendors, or something within that sphere, safety monitoring can mitigate liability through available video records.

Automated Progress Tracking

Progress tracking serves both the site owner as well as the contractors and subcontractors. First, automated progress tracking helps site owners understand the progression, productivity and performance of various aspects of the project. This can improve their management of a site, reduce and mitigate risks as well as help resolve any cost-related issues that might arise. INDUS.AI’s unique system helps improve communication between all stakeholders on a project because insights are visible at the same time, whether or not everyone is in the same room. Should any issues arise, stakeholders can be directed to the single, shared platform with real-time as well as historical visuals of as-built project views.

Automated progress tracking also helps contractors understand when materials will be needed, or when they will not be needed, to ensure that the site is on track and all elements are ready when needed. This prevents any project backups, and simplifies the planning process.

Integrated Site Views

Similar to the above, views of the site help project stakeholders understand its progression at any time and also manage any incidents which might have occured on the site. Here’s what makes integrated, live site views with auto-generated time-lapse recordings essential, though. One of INDUS.AI’s clients was on track but needed an electrical inspection. Due to rules within the city, inspectors could only climb six floors to perform the inspection, but this particular site had seven levels to climb. 

Instead of setting their project back by weeks, the inspector was able to use INDUS.AI’s site view capabilities to perform the inspection. The project moved forward and no costly setbacks were made. 

Site views are an added bonus because they can help prevent delays on a project, and also act as a reference point for any element of the project. If a question arises, INDUS.AI’s system allows for a real-time view of that element within the project. Should there be an issue with performance on a specific task, site managers can analyze that information through the site view feature.

Furthermore, auto-generated time-lapse videos can be used to keep all stakeholders including the owners, subs, marketing & sales teams up-to-date.

Data Analytics Capacities

Data drives decision-making, and in a high-stakes environment like a construction site, it’s essential. If you are searching for the perfect construction management software, you want one that can gather data and offer insight reports at any given time. This information can help move projects along by providing efficiency insight, it can help determine if contractors and subcontractors are effective, and it can help project owners and managers understand the strengths and weaknesses of a site.

INDUS.AI’s system is unique because it provides a catalog of analytics derived from the site visuals and as-built continuous live views that can be referenced at any time. Once the system is installed, a site is monitored at all times and data is constantly being processed and updated. This information is presented in an accessible manner that is invaluable in the construction industry. Instead of hours spent pouring over information, analyzing it, and then presenting it to project stakeholders, INDUS.AI’s system does this automatically to provide information at a moment’s notice.

For construction site managers looking to implement a software system on-site, safety, project progress, continuous site visibility and real-time data analysis for insights are key factors. These four elements make a system worth your while because they provide multifaceted pieces of information that can aid in protecting the financial aspects of a project’s risks, as well as supercharging communication and ensuring physical safety.

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