3 Steps to Supercharge Communication in Construction

Clear communication is an essential part of construction work because many aspects of projects can be high risk and require timely, precise responses. Given the nature of the work, communication on traditional construction sites can be hindered by limited access to data, or difficulty transmitting project information in real-time.

Artificial intelligence is transforming communication in construction by providing owners, general contractors, and subcontractors a shared data portal for straightforward project analysis. AI-driven construction management improves communication because it ensures that every message is accurate and consistent.

INDUS.AI’s data-driven construction management system provides a single platform for all project stakeholders to understand, analyze and improve any given aspect of the work. Every construction project has multiple players contributing at the same time. For work to flow seamlessly on such sites, stakeholders need a strategy that simplifies communication and makes data available to all parties.

Artificial intelligence fills this gap and INDUS.AI’s system offers a level of communication clarity never before possible in the construction industry. Follow these three AI-driven steps to supercharge communication on all of your construction projects.

Implement Real-Time Project Tracking

Through INDUS.AI’s system, project reports happen in real-time so every stakeholder can understand the status of a site at any time. Real-time project tracking offers transparency and visibility for all elements of a construction project. INDUS.AI’s system exists on one platform that is accessible for all project participants at one time. This prevents any miscommunications between project stakeholders because all look at the same, updated, and visually auditable information. 

Project Tracking

When issues arise on a project, real-time tracking works to verify data and show the most accurate assessment of a project where it stands in that moment. Should there be any work delays, these also can be viewed and monitored through the construction management system.

The system can track key project metrics, from on-site production progress to quality assurance inspections and project safety. Contractors can monitor the performance and delivery of subcontractors, and site managers can manage the arrival of materials. 

Owners can use this information to understand project status, roadblocks or monitor on-site issues. It also gives stakeholders an understanding of elements like budget, time spent, and time required to complete the project.

Focus on Streamlined Communication Methods

To supercharge communication on your construction site, implement strategies — from the beginning — that streamline communication. INDUS.AI’s system is a one-stop-shop for all information around a project. 

Artificial intelligence is becoming essential on construction sites, especially large-scale projects because it automatically streamlines communication. Data is collected and managed within one system and dispersed to project stakeholders through the same system.

Safety is an important element of any construction site and INDUS.AI’s system can help streamline communication-related to safety regulations. Through the system, project site managers can understand when workers violate a safety regulation or are in danger and promptly communicate with that worker to remedy the issue. This is a hybrid version of streamlined communication, joining together AI’s capacity to monitor sites 24/7 and the necessary role of a project manager to monitor worker behavior and safety.

Artificial intelligence provides all necessary information about a project on a single platform. This empowers stakeholders to act on information immediately because they are informed at all times.

Use Quantifiable Project Data

INDUS.AI’s system records data in real-time and maintains an archive of that information for owners, site managers, contractors, and subcontractors to reference. This is essential for clear communication in the construction industry because it can shed light on any discrepancies, or help resolve any issues (whether financial, safety, or even creative issues).

Owners can use this information to monitor costs. Site managers can determine when materials were delivered, and how many, to determine any incorrect billing statements or unnecessary costs.

Commercial construction sites require large teams and quantifiable data gathered through AI can help companies make sure that everyone on a project sees the same information in the same way so that solutions are found.

Artificial intelligence helps construction companies streamline their communication so risks are reduced, timelines are maintained, and profits are maximized. INDUS.AI’s construction management software allows every participant on a project to experience and understands the varying factors and data points that go into the completion of the project. This way, companies can have a clearer understanding of how their project is progressing at any time.

Contact us today and learn how INDUS.AI’s tools can jumpstart your project and supercharge communication.

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