Reduce over-billing, avoid cost overruns, save money


See how can help you save money reports are helping over +150 Project Managers reduce over-billing and avoid cost overruns.

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truck arrival & departure REPORTs

  • Reduce Over-billing - Receive alerts & reports when RMC, flatbed or any other types of truck carrying materials arrive on site

  • Spot Cost Overruns - Gain insights on your daily need of dump trucks by knowing how long they’re on site waiting to load versus how long they’re off site delivering

  • Raise Compliance - Replace manual ticketing with precise digital reports containing time-stamped pictures of trucks arriving and departing your site

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equipment efficiency

  • Identify (Un)productivity - Know how many scoops excavator have done, how many holes drilling rig have dug, or how many joists crane have lifted
  • Reduce Over-billing - Receive alerts & reports when equipments start and stop being used
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site awareness

  • Mitigate Professional Liability and Lower Insurance - The cloud safely stores construction footage in case of accident or future claims

  • Lean Management - Visualize working assets with multi-angular
    video feeds and 1 minute time-lapse videos of previous work days

  • Decrease Travel Expenses - Make decisions by looking at the cameras
    instead of traveling to remote locations


16 million square ft of work zones use


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