AI-powered Construction

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Operate with Transparency

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Drive Efficiency and Performance

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Automate Safety and Compliance

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Transparency and Visibility the Way

Make faster and more informed data-driven decisions, stay on top of your project, keep all stakeholders informed, as well as reduce surprises, delays, cost overruns and claims.


Improve Efficiency, Transparency, and Safety At Your Job Sites

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Solutions for General Contractors

Protect your reputation for excellence and efficiency

  • Prevent surprises that could result in project delays
  • Keep all stakeholders from developers and owners to lenders up to date project status
  • Collaborate effectively with developers and subcontractors

Make data-driven decisions

  • Be aware of potential issues like safety and compliance
  • Ensure efficient utilization of your heavy machinery and equipment
  • Always have the pulse of your workforce and labor productivity

Solutions for Developers

Identify Schedule Risks Early

  • Prevent surprises by tracking progress in real time via interactive dashboards
  • Keep all stakeholders from owners and lenders, to marketing and sales teams, up to date on project status
  • Proactively get notified about potential risks to the schedule, flagged by automated cycle time analysis

Gain Real-time Visibility and Transparency

  • Improve safety and compliance to reduce liability issues
  • Identify opportunities to increase efficiency
  • Collaborate more effectively with general contractors

Construction Intelligence Cloud Platform

819,168 Workers Onsite
481,400 Trucks and Heavy Machinery
544,960 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)